NFL Week 6 Stat Breakdown

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We’ve broken down each matchup in Week 6 in various statistically categories while also highlighting any areas where one team may hold a significant advantage. For the purposes of this chart that is defined by a difference in ranking between two teams that amounts to more than 10 ranking spots, ie 2nd rushing attack vs 14th rushing defence, etc.

We’ve also given some Quick hits below the chart summarizing these findings.



Or Download the PDF here: nfl-chart-week-6


  •  Contingent on who starts at QB for Denver, but given the stats of the season so far, Denver should win the turnover battle, and pick up their share of 1st downs and trips to the Red Zone. Both teams should be able to pressure the opposing QB.
  • Baltimore’s defensive statistics match up well against the Giants especially in rush defence and limiting their opposition to 1st downs. They should hold an edge in turnovers, possession and in protecting their QB.
  • Carolina will hold an edge in rushing, while New Orleans may struggle to move the ball on the ground. However both teams should find success through the air going up against equally weak passing d’s. If Carolina is still without Cam Newton, this advantage is weakened. Each team should move the ball and pick up first downs. New Orleans holds the edge in turnovers, Carolina in Red Zone trips.
  • While some of these stats could be a little misleading as Tom Brady was away for four weeks, the Pats should be able to run the ball on Cincy, while Cincy may find it hard to do the same on New England. Cincy should have some success throug the air though on offence. Cincy doesn’t allow too many first downs, New England keeps their QB’s upright only allowing the 6th most sacks.
  • Who knows who will start at QB for the Browns, but Tennessee will run the ball down Cleveland’s throat all afternoon and will hope their 9th ranked passing d will shut down whoever lines up under centre for the Browns. Tennessee doesn’t allow many first downs, trips to the RZ or QB sacks. They are also likely to dominate possession. They should also have success in the pass rush getting to Cleveland’s QB(s).
  • Jacksonville is the league’ most penalized team in yards/game. Chicago is only he 9th. Chicago could have some success picking up 1st downs and getting to the QB.
  • The Lions should look forward to picking up some 1st downs, making some trips to the RZ and getting to Rams’ QB Keenan.
  • The Eagles will likely test the Skins’ 30th ranked rush d. Washington will be hard pressed to move the ball on the ground vs. Philly’s 3rd ranekd rush d. Philly should control possession and pick up their share of 1st downs and RZ attempts.
  • Pittsburgh can run. Miami can’t defend. Miami can’t run, Pittsburgh can defend. Pittsburgh can also throw. Miami is one of the league’s worst in turnover ratio (29th). The Steelers should get plenty of 1st downs, limit their opponents in that category, hold the majority of possession and keep Big Ben upright.
  • San Fran will start a new QB this week in Colin Kapernick but so far they’ve been unable to throw the ball (31st passing offence) and that should continue. They also can’t stop the run on d which will be a problem on the road to Buffalo’s 3rd ranked run attack. San Fran turns over the ball a lot, but they are also the least penalized team and hold their opponents to a respectable amount of 1st downs per game. Buffalo does not move the ball well or often. The Bills do thought protect their QB well and against a week pass rush should find time to develop their plays.
  • Oakland should find success on the ground. KC may find success through the air. KC holds the advantage in penalties and plays in the RZ. Oakland should have more possession and should have all kinds of time in the pocket for David Carr to make plays with the Oakland o-line ranking 1st in sacks allowed and KC ranking 31st in sacks.
  • For all of Atlanta’s passing success so far, their 1st ranked attack may have met its match vs. Seattle’s 2nd ranked pass d. Seattle’s 12th ranked passing offence may find some success vs. Atlanta’s 26th ranked passing offence though. Big advantage in turnovers to Atlanta and big possession advantage to Seattle.
  • Fairly even statistically between Dallas and Green Bay though Dallas should control possession and Green Bay should have their chances in the RZ.
  • Houston has trouble in the turnover department but are much more disciplined when it comes to penalties than Indy. Houston limits RZ attempts and can get to the QB, while Indy struggles to creates sacks of their own. Indy should hope for a sloppy game and to capitalize on turnovers.
  • Arizona has a chance to carve up the Jets secondary and to shut down the ‘Fitzaster’ on d with their 4th ranked secondary. The Jets… um.. Fitzpatrick.. are/is a turnover machine. Arizona gets 1st downs, but Carson Palmer could be under siege from the Jets’ d-line.