Shred The Spread Weekend Soccer Best Bets (09/14/18)


By: Ryan Métivier   Schedules did not align this week for another video, but as the man currently sitting in the bottom of the standings in our weekly show, I’m feeling the itch to release some picks and make up some ground. So here goes with a few of my bets for this weekend and …

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MatchDay 3: Group of Death

Heading into MatchDay 3 of the Group C, all four teams can both move on, and also still be eliminated. Sometimes the right bet and the winning bet are not the same thing. That is the strategy we’ll take today in that Germany has looked strong so far, being the only team to win both …

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Finding the value in Euro Cup Group A

Group A Russia +138 Poland +240 Czech Republic +400 Greece +500   Even though they both come in ranked in the bottom half of their group, the smart money may be on the Czechs and Greeks to take this group. In what’s probably the most wide-open group, getting 4-1 and 5-1 odds respectively definitely offers …

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