How to Bet Soccer

The World Cup of soccer is here! For those who may not be as familiar with the numerous ways you can bet a soccer match, below will outline some of the most typical bets you can make depending on your Sports Book.

It is important to note that during the Group Stage, matches can end in a draw after full-time. However afterwards, during the Knockout Rounds, should a match be drawn after full-time, teams will then proceed to play two additional 15-minute halves. Should they still be tied after this, the game will be decided via penalty shootout.

One more thing to note is in soccer the home team is typically listed as the first team on the betting card/menu, which is different from traditional North American sports. So if you see “Russia v Saudi Arabia” — Russia is the home team in this instance. Now during the World Cup, as the host nation, Russia will be the only country who truly holds any home field.

3-Way Moneyline

Most wagers in soccer are decided after full-time (90 minutes), plus any extra additional or “extra time” that is added by the referee for injuries, stoppages, etc. A three-way money line breaks down the possible results into three options.

So in a soccer match your options would either be for the home team to win, the away team to win or for the match to end in a draw.

Double Chance

In Double Chance bets you are placing a wager on two of the possible three outcomes as described previously. Your options would be Team A and the Draw, Team B and the Draw or Team A or Team B.

Each of these selections will pay out differently based on the original three-way money line lines but your probability or winning is much higher. Let’s look at an example.

The first game of the World Cup features Russia versus Saudi Arabia. The odds for this match are:

Full Time Result:


Russia -350

Draw +400

Saudi Arabia +1000


Double Chance


Russia or Draw -1600

Draw of Saudi Arabia +275

Russia or Saudi Arabia -550


Draw No Bet

In Draw No Bet (DNB) the concept is similar to a Double Chance bet. In this case you are eliminating the Draw option from your bet.

In the example above you would be choosing either:

Russia DNB or Saudi Arabia DNB. The payout is less than your standard Full Time Result bet, but more than a Double Chance bet. With this time of bet if your team wins, you will win your bet, but if they tie/draw, rather losing, you will be refunded your stake. This is referred to as a “push”.


Asian Handicap

Think of an Asian Handicap bet like a spread you would see in an American Football game (NFL). Here you are giving Team A or Team B a handicap to cover or to beat. These can typically be adjusted by a couple goals either way but the most standard would be:


Team A +1.5


Team A must not lose by more than one goal for you to win your bet. They could win by any amount, draw or lose by one for you to win.


Team B -1.5


Team B must win by two goals or more for you to win your bet.


Over/Under Goals Market

Much like an over/under for other sports, you are selecting how many total goals between both teams will be scored in the match.

Example: Over/Under 2.5 if the most typical Over/Under prop in soccer

An Over bet will require at least 2 combined goals in the match

An Under bet will require 2 or fewer combined goals in the match


Over/Under Corners Market

A over/under market on how many corner kicks there will be during the game.


Over/Under Cards Market

A over/under market on how many cards (yellow and red) will be shown or given out during the game.

Half-Time/Full-Time Result

With this bet you are choosing what the result will be at half-time in the match and at full-time.



Team A – Team A

Team A – Draw

Team A – Team B

Draw – Team A

Draw – Draw

Draw – Team B

Team B – Team A

Team B – Draw

Team B – Team B


As you can see you are selecting if one team will lead at both half-time and at the end of the game (full-time), if one team will lead at half and then the game will end tied, if the game will be tied at half and then one team will win, if one team will be leading at half and then the other team will end up winning at full-time or if the game will be tied at both half-time and also at full-time.


Both Teams To Score

As simple as it sounds. Each team in the match must score at least one goal each. The final score does not matter so as long as each team has scored. =


Total Team Goals

Select an over/under on how many goals a specific team will score in the match.



Team A Over 1.5 (Team A must score two goals or more for a winning bet)

Team B Under 2.5 (Team B must score two goals or fewer for a winning bet)


Anytime Goal Scorer

Select a player to score from either team to score a goal during the match.