Betting Diaries of the #Coronapocolypse: Weekend 1

Wow how the world changes. A week ago I was looking forward to going to Vegas for March Madness. A week ago March Madness existed. So did other sports. But then one by one they didn’t. But I’m a bettor. It’s what I do for fun and part of my career. So I found action. It was hard. But I did deep dives into the 5th division of England soccer (it was cancelled by the time I woke up), Serbia, Russia, Turkey, Costa Rica, Mexico and many others. Some leagues I had some knowledge in. Others I couldn’t tell you one player’s name. It was hard to find info. But in some ways refreshing to do basic research, have no bias and go with my gut. The results were….surprisingly, not that bad. Not amazing, but decent. You can find some gems down in random leagues. But I learned my cutoff point. It was Guatemala. That pick was bad, and following the Guastatoya Twitter account for updates, was a new low past any of the dodgy streams I had somehow procured for other games. The streams.. what an adventure. Never was I so happy to listen to Turkish commentators, or follow along with no commentary at all so long as I could watch something. I chatted with a girl from Turkey on Twitter who told me I should’ve never bet her Fenerbahçe team cause they have horrible management (things I wish I new earlier). I think I set my alarm to watch Zenit in Russia one day. Google Translate was helpful in deciphering a couple game previews I stumbled across. Sunday’s highlight was understanding every 20th Spanish word during the America v Cruz Azul match. But hey, I’ll take it, cause Liga MX is now the latest league to shut its doors after this game. There were positives. I chatted with a couple friends. Text some people I hadn’t talked to in a while. Worked out. Slept in. Had way too much time to ponder “why on earth is there no toilet paper in the grocery aisle and people are freaking out, while the shelf over is filled with kleenex, napkins and other paper products, which while surely not ideal, could probably be used in a pinch (should I buy napkins? I think I’m good)…” And also… “where is all the water that was stacked up last week, are taps not working anymore?! Omg this may be worse than I thought, better check Twitter.” Nope, tap water is still safe… but omg no, now Xbox is down. We may go into lockdown? Jokerit is pulling out of the KHL playoffs (there goes my Tuesday), my gym is now closed… Ok no more Twitter. At this rate folks I may be the biggest Honduran soccer expert by next weekend, that or UFC. Maybe the ponies. I hear the Australian A League plays at like 3am. Man who knows what tomorrow will bring by the time I wake up. But one thing is for sure. I miss sports : ( 

Oh man, just lost my bet on a 98′ minute missed penalty. Oooff…

*This post fully acknowledges there are more important things than sports and is simply trying to find some humour in an otherwise poor situation. Stay safe out there folks.

But also, anyone have any tips on camel racing? Asking for a friend….